Umbra The Person

Umbra Is a sword as well as a person. This woman that lived in a village called Pells Gate found a sword. The sword had an evil power and took her soul. The sword took power over her body and she started calling herself Umbra. She left Pells Gate to an Alyleid ruin called Vindasel. Rats and mud crabs have infested the ruin. Umbra lives at the lower level of it near a bonfire and some containers. Her armor is called Umbra. For example Umbra's Ebony armor. There is also a quest called "Clavicus Vile" to return the sword and you then get the mask of Clavicus Vile or you can keep the sword for yourself.

Note: If you kill her before you get the quest you will not glitch it but the sword will stay with you until you return it to Clavicus Vile

She is very strong if you are a low level and if you want to kill her at a low level I would recomend sneak attack and then running around and trying not to get hit by her and attacking her as well.

The ruin Vindasel is also booby trapped and has spikes and gas.

As you can see in the picture she is heavily armored with Ebony Armor

Umbra The SwordEdit

Umbra is an enchanted Ebony sword with a soul trap enchantment. It soul traps for 60 seconds and is very a very good weapon for a low level.