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Hello Again!

lets talk about a personal favorite The Gray Fox!

Well I kinda glitched the last quest for the theives guild so I've never really seen his face.

It seems his really freaking annoying. He keeps saying CAPITAL! Its reall f***ing annoying! Anyways he has a cowl

when worn all guards think your the gray fox. And apperantly it was stolen from Nocturnal the Deadric prince of

who gives a crap..... Cuz I don't. Seroisly if you want to know about Nocturnal go to the Nocturnal page. Ok so he

is an imperial. I can tell by his voice. He has been leading the guild for 300 years. Which is f***ing crazy! He's a old

criminal. All I know is that when doing quests for him he seemed like he had some diobolical plan to destroy the world. But he didn't (I guess)..... Oh and he is ugly as hell in his WANTED Poster.

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See he looks like a f***ing ZOMBIE!