Selene== Selene is a bandit that takes over the bloated float tavern and inn at the waterfront. She took it over because the owner made a rumor that a ancient artifact was there for more buisness. She is the leader of the bandits that take over the ship. The gang consists of a nord Lynch, A dark elf Minx and A nord Wrath.

The picture below shows the Bloated Float at sea.


After you kill all the gang members guarding the boat Selene is left. When you walk in Ormil's Cabin she will then ask you what are you doing there you can say whatever you want but if you don't want her to attack then say what you heard from the guards to her. After your done persuading her she will then give you her weapon and you must escort her to the private room on the lower deck.

Note: After completing this quest you will never see Selene again. Even if you try to visit her in prison she is not there.