Raynil Dralas

Raynil Dralas== Raynil Dralas is a dark elf man who is very greedy. He used to be an adventurer with two other men Bradon Lirrian and Gelbourne. As they were adventuring they found an enchanted amulet. They locked it in a chest which can only be opened with three keys. The each got a key and parted ways to settle down. But Raynil came up with a scheme to get the amulet. He acted as a vampire hunter and killed Gelbourne and Bradon. He said that they were vampires and left dead bodies outside of bruma to say Bradon ate them. But Bradon's wife suspected otherwise. She said that she remembered the name Raynil but couldn't remember. if you would like to learn more please visit the "A Brotherhood Betrayed" page.

Race: Dark Elf


Killing HimEdit

He has to be killed to finish the quest " A Brotherhood Betrayed". He is fairly easy to kill only having light armor and weak weapons. His weapons and armor depend on your level.