Mehrunes dagon
Mehrunes Dagon

As all you oblivion fans know Mehrunes Dagon is kind of an a**. He has four arms and he was lucky enough to have a bunch of retardations to love him and summon him. Anyways did you know of the Mehrunes Dagon's Twin Glitch. I'm just gonna tell you its really hard to do. Ok so first you should be from level 40-50 and have most of your skills maxed. Ok this sound kind of hard but you actually have to kill him. That is as hard as it's gonna get then all you have to do is go into the temple of the on and there he is the twin! Well when Martin turns into Akatosh's Avatar. Well if you hadn't noticed you just killed the a**munch and he barges right back in. WHAT AN A**HOLE! Ok now to talk about who he is. Mehrunes Dagon is the Daedric prince of icecream and cheeseburgers. No i'm just kidding. He is the prince of Destruction,The Bloody Scourge And Natural Disasters. Just so you know all you earthquake survivors HE CAUSED THAT!

Oh and if you didn't know don't use spells on him they bounce right back at you.

Note: He is very strong even if you are a high level.